As part of our ongoing commitment to a well rounded education, SMMS offers a range of core enrichment programs included in the cost of tuition.  Dance and Tennis require a fee.


Weekly music classes foster musical development from an early age.  Students learn songs, rhythm skills, notation and music appreciation. Elementary students learn ukulele, recorder or participate in band. We have several special events during the year to showcase your child’s musical talents.



Our program includes gymnastics, yoga and soccer at all levels. We also offer an interscholastic sports program at the Elementary level which includes basketball and volleyball. Our interscholastic program is gender equitable and we educate the whole athlete offering workshops in leadership, commitment and cooperation. Private group tennis lessons are also offered for a fee.



Our art studio offers a course using a variety of media from pencils to pastels and art straw to papier machie. The children learn about contemporary and historical artists. Their studies culminate in an annual art show which allows parents to celebrate their child’s efforts throughout the year.



Dance Magic comes to SMMS twice weekly for elective dance classes for all ages for a fee.  This is an outside class taught by an outside teacher.  Yearly dance recitals are an opportunity for students to show their developing skills.



Our school takes pride in its field trips and we schedule day trips throughout the year. Past trips have included Underwood Farms, California Science Center, Natural History Museum and more. These trips embellish the overall academic and social development.