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Adult Learner Practicum Handbook


The purpose of the Practicum component of the Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Education Course is the implementation of the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, and of child development principles which comprise the academic component of the Montessori Early Childhood Course, and the meeting of the competences.

The function of the practicum phase is to provide for the Adult Learner a supervised teaching and learning experience and a period of observation, internalization, and further study, to bring together the theory and practice of Montessori education. No part of the Adult Learner practicum may precede the beginning of the academic phase of the course.


The practicum is a necessary requirement for the successful completion of the Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Education Course. The Adult Learner must complete Montessori Philosophy, Child Development, Observation, Practical Life and (or be enrolled in) Sensorial and a practicum orientation before starting practicum.