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American Montessori Elementary School in Santa Monica

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Our Elementary program is designed to be consistent with our Montessori Early Childhood program in Santa Monica while meeting or surpassing grade level curriculum standards. Students up to age 14 are stretched to achieve their potential without boundaries such as grading or curriculum restriction or in a non-competitive environment.

Each student works at their own pace and are encouraged to reach beyond their own level. Elementary students are encouraged to manage their own time as well as develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Private Elementary School in West Los Angeles

In addition to the regular classroom, students participate in science, social studies, foreign language, physical education, technology, art, and music taught by specialists in their field.

Lower Elementary students learn bells and the recorder. Upper Elementary students are given the opportunity to participate in concert band and learn an instrument. Students are frequently participating in events and field trips to engage with the community.

Students are encouraged to explore topics they are interested in and apply these topics to assigned work. We focus on fostering a love of learning and research while also engendering self-discipline and responsibility. Students are given the opportunity to satiate their curiosity while developing academic skills.