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Early Childhood Montessori Education in Los Angeles

The Santa Monica Montessori School’s early childhood program emphasizes learning through all five senses—not just through listening, watching, and reading. This is an environment where they learn at their own individual pace and with their own choice of activities from numerous possibilities. This is a unique private school environment where learning is an exciting process of discovery—leading to better concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and most importantly a love of learning.

Early Childhood Private School

Children are encouraged to join in conversations, listen to stories, classify objects, and learn songs and poems. Children at the ages of 3, 4, and 5 have a natural fascination for words both printed and spoken.

This innate desire enables us to begin presenting the sounds of the alphabet at the pre-school level. Subliminal reading instruction begins on the day a child enters a Montessori classroom.

The Montessori system enchants the intellect by using the senses to enter the brain through several avenues: touch (feel the sandpaper letters), sound (hear the teacher pronounce the letter), and sight (seeing the sandpaper cut-out letter). Muscular memory is employed when the child traces the letter with their fingers. The fact that the child traces the shape with their finger is an important step in learning to write. The repetition of the exercise fixes the path of each letter in the child’s memory.

Boy with magnifying glass
Boy with magnifying glass looks at stones
Girl paints
Children tinker
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