School Hours
7:30 AM through 6 PM extended day.
8:30 AM through 3 PM ¾ day.
8:30 AM through 12-noon 1/2 day.

Ages of Students
Early childhood classrooms enroll children age 2-4.
Elementary classrooms enroll children age 5-12.
Secondary classrooms enroll children age 12-15.

The curriculum allows your child the freedom to progress at his/her own rate and is flexible to the needs of the child. The program includes exercises in practical life, sensorial, mathematics, reading, language, grace/courtesy, science, geography, history, fine arts, humanities, foreign languages, music and education.

The Role of the Teacher
In a Montessori classroom there is no front of the room, and no teacher’s desk as a focal point of attention because the stimulation for learning comes from the total environment.

The Teacher’s primary focus is one-on-one coaching, assessment, and mentoring by carefully observing the individual interests and needs of each child versus adhering to a rigid daily curriculum.

Why Mixed Age Groups?
Having a classroom that offers the child to choose form a wide variety of different graded materials accommodates differences in learning.

Having children of different ages in the classroom also provides the unique opportunity for younger children to have role models as well as providing older children the chance to reinforce their own knowledge of by helping others.

After School Activities
After school activities are available to students who are enrolled for our full time extended day. The full day tuition covers the fees for these activities. Activities include computer class, art, foreign language, science lab, math lab, study hall, music, team sports, and play.

Tuition can be paid annually, semi-annually, or on monthly basis.

School Clothes
School clothes should be comfortable and allow for the child’s movement during both indoor and outdoor activity.

School Tours
School tour days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, please call to make an appointment. We ask you not to come when the children are napping, between noon and 2:00pm.