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Annual Giving Endowment

Dear Friends,

For many years, Santa Monica Montessori School has had an Annual Giving Endowment Fund. We ask our grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, and even businesses to make a gift to this annual fund. The annual fund at any school makes up the difference between tuition revenue and the annual expenses of the school.

This annual fund supports faculty attendance at conferences, workshops, and additional Montessori training. It supports the acquisition of the new classroom materials and furnishings. The annual fund also finances our tuition assistance program.

Past sponsors of the SMMS Annual Fund have helped create:

  • the difference between a good faculty and a gifted faculty
  • the difference between Monte-something and truly authentic Montessori
  • the difference between passive students and active learners
  • the difference between children who are drifting, and children who are fully engaged in the process of deliberate creation
  • the difference between a ho-hum learning environment and an engaging environment that reaches out to the possibilities and potential of each child

Fund raising enables us to keep tuition increases to a minimum, which benefits every SMMS family. Also, giving to our annual fund is voluntary. As SMMS is a non-profit organization, tax advantages accompany your act of philanthropy.

Your participation in the annual fund will not only honor the past dedication of the families and business who helped make SMMS what it is today, you will also help contribute to preserving the present and future success of an institution dedicated to providing education for life.

Below are the levels of participation that are available:

Diamond Level ($5000+)

  • Listed as a sponsor on the Santa Monica Montessori School website
  • Full page in the SMMS Yearbook

Platinum Level ($1000+)

  • Listed as sponsor on the Santa Monica Montessori School website
  • 1/2 page in the SMMS Yearbook

Gold Level ($500-$999)

  • Listed as sponsor on the Santa Monica Montessori School website
  • 1/4  page in the SMMS Yearbook

Silver Level ($250-$499)

  • Listed as sponsor on the Santa Monica Montessori School website
  • Photo in the SMMS Yearbook

Friend Level ($25-$249)

  • Listed as sponsor on the Santa Monica Montessori School website
  • Mention in the SMMS Yearbook

We encourage interested sponsors to sign up as soon as possible. There is truly no gift too small –  all gifts count! At the Santa Monica Montessori School, our goal since we opened in 1960 has been to create a love of learning in our children to last a lifetime.  Help us achieve our goal by becoming a sponsor. Thank you to all of you for your continuing belief  in Montessori Education, and for all your support of the Santa Monica Montessori School.


Pamela J. Crisman, Executive Director

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