The Santa Monica Montessori School was established in 1960. It was originally located at the corner of 20th St. and Arizona Ave., part of the St. John’s Hospital complex. The first owner was the screen actor Tom Laughlin. The School was then known as the Sophia Montessori School. The school was purchased then by Ruth Dresser in 1960 and later moved to 1619 20th St., with the current name Santa Monica Montessori School. At this location, the school increased in size and grades up to the 8th grade. With assistance from internationally known Montessori educators, Dr. Dresser established the Santa Monica Montessori Institute as well. In 1990, the school moved to the present location at 1909 Colorado Avenue. In 2003, Mrs. Pamela Crisman became the School Director. She has been a Montessori educator for many years and also has operated other Montessori schools and teacher education programs in southern California. The school has been upgraded in academics, learning materials, and the physical plant. The school is celebrating a Golden Anniversary of 50 years of education in 2010.